I N D O M A I L - Email Software for Indian Languages


  • IndoMail makes it possible to send Email in 12 Indian Languages - Assamesse, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil & Telugu.
  • Multilingual - Allows us to use as many as 14 languages in a mail message.
  • Indian Language Menu Support : People who are familiar with only Indian languages will find it easy to use due to the availablity of Menu items in Indian Languages.
  • Various Easy-to-use Keyboard Layouts : DOE Phoenetic, Typewriter, Romanised
  • Indian Language message can be composed easily by using the OnScreen Keyboard Layout and Layout-Sensitive Character Set Window.
  • Automatic Font Selection while changing the Language.
  • Allows us to toggle between Indian Language and English by pressing a key.
  • Mail receipient can read the Indian Language Mail without installing any additional software including IndoMail.
  • Any Email client software such as Netscape Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora can be used to read the Indian Language Mail.
  • Supports Web-based Email Services such as Hotmail.
  • Supports CGI scripts, ASP, JavaScript & Java
  • Multilingual Authoring Tools

IndoMail Menu Screen in Indian Languages