INDOWORD- The Best DTP Software For Indian Language Publishing

Indoword offers DTP users an opportunity to profit from language publishing. Printers & Publishers can avail of Indoword's capabilities for printing in any of the 12 Indian languages. Indoword is available in 12 Indian Languages - Assamesse, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil & Telugu.

Indoword makes it possible to use all the popular Windows applications for Indian languages also.Indoword's Windows interface makes publishing in Indian languages easier,friendlier & cost-effective whether it is book, magazine or newspaper publishing. Using Indoword, you can very easily design and prepare books, broucheres, catalogues, forms, magazines,manuals, newsletters, newspapers, price lists and reports.

This low cost software will go a long way in increasing your profits and reducing publishing time and cost.

Indian language database manager allows you to create database in any Indian language which makes database publishing (Voter's list, ID card, Certificates etc) easier.


  • Supports direct Indian language entry/display inside all windows/Linux applications.
  • Supports various keyboard layouts(Typewriter, DOE Phonetic, Romanised etc)
  • Supports various font encodings( DOE ISCII, Tamil99, Unicode etc)
  • Wide range of fonts
  • Transliteration from Indian languages to English & vice versa
  • Transliteration between Indian languages

Keyboard Layouts

Typewriter Layout

This layout is similar to the Tamil typewriter layout & useful for Tamil typists & other people familiar with Tamil Typewriter layout, Typewriter Layout & Key Sequence Charts.

Romanised Layout

In Romanised layout, phoenetic English mappings are used to compose the Tamil Text. For example, the keys raamaa (or rAmA) can be used to type 'Rama', Romanised Layout & Key Sequence Charts.

DOE Phoenetic

This layout is standardized by the Department Of Electronics(DOE), Govt Of India. The advantage of this layout is that the layout remains identical for all Indian Languages. For example, the key 'k' is used to represent the letter 'ka' in all Indian Languages.

Tamil99 Layout

Tamil99 Layout : This layout is standardized by the Govt. of Tamilnadu.