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You can use pkunzip or winzip to unzip the zip file INDOMAIL.ZIP. If you have PKUNZIP, then go to the command prompt and type as given below:



If you have WinZip, then run WinZip and choose the Extract option and specify the file as INDOMAIL.ZIP. Also specify the directory to unzip. This will unzip the files. Now close WinZip and run setup.exe

You can give any serial number(1, 2 etc). It will work.

While typing in Hindi(or any other Indian language), press the NUM LOCK key ON. To type in English, set the NUM LOCK key OFF. When NumLock is ON, the Hindi characters will appear on the screen as you type. You can compare the characters with the on-screen keyboard layout.

Also check whether the Hindi characters are appearing in the On-Screen Keyboard layout. If the Hindi chars are not appearing in the layout, then select the Control Panel -> Fonts folder and double-click the Hindi font LTDEV001(or any other Indian Language font depending on your usage).

i.If the Hindi characters are displayed on the screen, then you can close the Fonts folder, return to IndoMail and start typing in Hindi. ii.If the Hindi characters are not displayed on the screen, then reinstall the IndoMail software.

Yes. IndoMail uses normal keyboard to compose Indian Language text.

After registration, download the IndoMail software ( to your system. Then Unzip the zip file and install the software. Now, you can run the program by selecting the IndoMail icon from the Programs folder.

Yes. IndoMail supports Web-based Mail services(Hotmail, Yahoo etc).

Yes. Mail receipient can read the Indian Language mail even if IndoMail is not installed in his system. Mail receipient can read the mail irrespective of the OS they are using (Windows 95/NT, Unix, Linux, MAC etc).

IndoMail can be used to send Email in Indian Languages. It can also be used for creating web pages in Indian languages.

IndoMail can be used for creating documents also. You can use IndoMai to compose the document. After composing, save the document as a RTF file and import the RTF file in any other application such as WordPad, MS-Word or AmiPro. IndoMail CD version also includes a Multilingual wordprocessor 'BharatPro'.